Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Around The Teapot Inauguration!

Created by Artel to be an afternoon of extending and deepening our community by sharing our creative home in a conversation setting with invited artists, scholars, critics and audience members.

The first Around the Teapot was held at Artel's creative home, [via]Corpora studio, on February 9th, 2008. The conversation topic was: Sheer Quixotism: creating in the face of persecution and neglect, a Discussion on the Role of Artists Historically and Presently in the United States and Russia. Guest Speakers were Steven Leigh Morris (LA Weekly Theatre Editor and Critic) and John Achorn (Master Teacher and Founding member of Dell'Arte School). Among our many wonderful and distinguished guests were Erik Ehn (Dean of CalArts), Edward Goldman (KCRW Art Talk Host), Sharon Marie Carnicke (USC faculty and author of Stanislavski in Focus), and Marcus Levitt (USC Faculty).

More information will be posted shortly. Thank you for your patience.